Saturday, August 20, 2011

Waking up Wired

Try as I might to sleep in this morning, it just wasn't happening. So, as I rose before the sun, I thought to myself, Let's make some jewelry.

Here's what came of the morning madness:

These beads have been staring at me from my craft table for a while now. It was nice to finally put them together, and I really like how the colors are working. This was also the first time I made my own wire clasp. I think it turned out pretty well.

These pretty painted beads have also been sitting on my table for a minute. The holes in these beads are really large, so the only way I could work them was from the side. I really like how they turned out. They remind me of cherry blossom trees.

What is a creative morning without a fail. I really wanted this ring to turn out funky and fun, but it just feels funky. Probably should have had my cup of breakfast tea before touching this little project. I'm not crazy about the colors or the composition. Any one have any ideas on this one?

What did you do this morning?


  1. Oh boy! These are beautiful Raychelle, I really like the earrings they are gorgeous.