Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thanks for Traveling with Me

Hi all,

This will be a short post, but I just wanted to thank everyone who stopped by and gave me feedback on my Lesotho pieces. It felt very good to create them, and I will probably do more pieces in these styles in the future. I would also just like to give a big "hip hip hooray" to all of the bloggers who participated in this blog hop. I had the chance to check many of the pages, and the work is just stunning. I was especially taken by the pieces from Micronesia, as that is where I currently call home. It was pretty cool to see how other people view this part of the world.

Many of you asked about the crayon batik piece I made, so look for a post on that soon.

Crayon Batik -- Sneak Peek

Hope all is well and creative :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

In the Light of Day

As promised, here are my travel challenge pieces in some more natural light.

Thanks for checking in, and happy travels!

Challenge of Travel Blog Hop

Ahoi hoi beaders and jewerly enthusiasts,

Over the summer, I joined my first blog hop. I couldn't resist jumping in on it because of the topic: Travel. I love to travel and find most of my jewerly inspiration from the things I see on the road. The challenge, hosted by the lovely Erin of Tesori Trovati Jewelry, was to select a region of the planet that you don't live on (I chose to up the ante by chosing a region I had not traveled to) and choose an inspiration nation from within that region. There was also an option to have a nation chosen for you. I went for the latter, and was gifted with the beautiful nation of Lesotho.
(I apologize in advance for the photos of my jewelry pieces. It was late when I took them and the lighting was not good. I will repost better pics when I have some daylight to work with.)

Lesotho Flag

In my research, I found out that Lesotho is known for its beautiful landscape, but not really for its arts and crafts. The one item of note that did keep coming up, however, was the Lesotho cone hat.

A woman wearing a traditional hat waits to vote in Likalaneng, Lesotho, February 17, 2007. [© AP Images]
The Cone Hat
Since the cone hat was such an important image (It is on the flag!), I decided to try my hand at crayon batik incorporating the image. I used the fabric I made to create this cuff.

Cone hat!

While Lesotho is not known for its arts and crafts, it has its fair share of artisans. Commonly used materials for jewelry are wire, clay, and plastic beads. They also have a penchant for using bright colors.

Vibrant Colors

I love the brilliant colors in this photo, and chose to capture some of that vibrance through this wrapped wire and bead necklace.

And again here in these wrapped wire earrings.

And lastly, the Basotho blanket is another prominent image connected to the country of Lesotho. The blankets feature simple yet striking circular patterns.

Basotho Blankets
These beautiful swirly blankets served as inspiration for my last piece, a circular bead pendant.

Well, that's all she wrote for me. I greatly enjoyed my time with Lesotho. Most of the pieces pushed me in new directions with my jewelry, which always makes me happy. Here is a list of all of the other blog participants. Please check out their blogs!

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Happy Travels!