Monday, August 8, 2011

A Ring Thing and Auction Auction Auction!!!!

When I first started making jewelry, I strictly worked with wire and gemstones. That was a good 10 years ago, but the itch has come back. As I sat at my craft table last night, looking at all the little bags of rainbow colored seed beads, all I could think of was how nice it would be to play with some wire. I love working with seed beads, but sometimes I need to have more freedom to play. So, I grabbed my collection of copper wire and gemstones and came up with this little free form gem.

It felt great working the wire into form. So great, in fact, that I made three more ring frames to pile up with pretty stones and swirls. Hopefully I'll be posting pics of these lovelies soon!

In other news, we are days away from the first auction piece being revealed. To kick off auction season, I'm giving away some earrings! Just post your name and email address at the bottom of this post if you plan on participating in Monday's auction. The winner of the "surprise earrings"will be chosen at random and announced on Friday, August 12th.

Last, but not least, here's the photo that inspired Monday's auction piece.

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