Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday's Gem

Ahoi hoi out there in bead land. This Friday's gem is going to be pretty short. I have just completed a move half-way around the world, and can honestly say I'm beat. I've been living in a hotel out of suitcases for the past three days, and my stones are a bit scattered. I won't leave you hanging completely though. The stone for today is


Ok, why sodalite? Well, years ago when I first started working with gems, a friend told me that sodalite is a travel stone. Since that day, I've carried a piece with me at all times to ensure safe travels from point a to b. So, in honor of my recent trip, I invite you all to go out and pick up a piece of this beautiful blue stone. Maybe it will lead you to discover somewhere new.


  1. So that would be the perfect stone to make a necklace for my St. Christopher pendant, who is the saint of safe travels and children.

  2. I love Sodalite, did you know they call it the poor man's Lapis Lazuli? It goes well with Copper.