Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Earring Challenge Grand Finale

After much holiday eating and a little fun in the sun, I'm back to share the last earrings I made as a part of my earring-a-day challenge. I will say, that this was indeed a challenge. Trying to make art happen while juggling my work schedule and dealing with life stuff was not easy. Making art isn't just about having time, it's also about having inspiration/energy. I did my best to keep up the momentum for this challenge, but there were just days where the energy was not there. That said, I'm glad I did it, and would certainly do it again.

conch nautilus spirals

leonardo nautilus spirals

pop of orange dangles

These and many of the other pieces featured on this blog will be featured at the next Isla Mujeres Artist Fair, this Thursday! I'm really excited about the new spiral work and the new paintings that have come through this process. I'm hoping for big sales and lots of new connections.

Artist Fair!
And as for what's next in projects for me, I'm working on a photography book. I hope to be sharing pages soon, and am looking to publish some time in January.

Stay tuned!