Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Father Discovers the World of his Son


As a budding photographer, I am always looking for inspiration. These beautifully haunting photos by Tim Archibald came up in my Facebook feed this morning, and I just had to share. Click here to see more of Archibald's images, including a full article on the series.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Giant Dream Catchers

I love dream catchers! They are beautiful delicate pieces that can created in so many different colors, sizes, and flavors. This week I was feeling a bit down and all my hands wanted to do was make dream catchers, BIG dream catchers. I have to admit to feeling better for it.

dream big
Happy Monday, everyone!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dancing in the Digital Realm

Hi all,

Sorry for being away so long! But now I'm back with something new: Digital and Photo Art!

I have loved taking pictures for years, but what I love even more is playing with photos. I have spent the past week working with effects, filters, color exposures, and digital paint. I am in love! There is so much potential for this medium. And, although computers get a lot of flack, there is a lot of meditative potential here as well. Working with my stylus on the screen was just like working with a brush on a canvas. I even did some designing from scratch.

lovelovelove collage

This was designed completely on the computer, inspired by these hand-made cards I painted last month.

So with this fun new technology in hand, I decided to jump into the digital realm full on and post my new design on!

    love pattern Note Cards (Pk of 10)

  love patter Note Cards
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  unique gifts at CafePress

This design will be up for a trial period. I just want to see how it goes. Please check this out and share with your friends. And if you have any experience dancing the digital realm, please leave a comment. It's always nice to hear from you.

Here's to exploring new realms!