Monday, November 18, 2013

Earring a Day Challenge, Day 2

Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm happy to check-in today with my earrings from yesterday. I'm definitely in thread-wrap mode.

purple with white triangle dangles

I really like the simplicity of the form in these earrings. The line design is a bit complex, but the earrings themselves are fairly neutral.

yay, line play!
I also really like the white triangle accent.

And, wouldn't you know, I got another bonus yesterday! Two, actually.


I started these canvases yesterday morning while listening to the lovely Esperanza Spalding. Maybe it was the music, or maybe it was the fakin' it, but I really felt some great creative energy while painting these. They're not quite finished yet, but I'm excited to see how they develop.

So far so good!

2 days down, 13 days to go...

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