Saturday, January 21, 2012

Earring-a-Day Challenge Week 2!

Well, week 2 of the January earring a day challenge has come and gone. If I thought the first week was a doozy, the second week brought even more challenges. I really enjoyed the creativity that came up this week, and I was even able to get in two style challenges. I did, however, have one day this week that was just an exercise in putting together some beads and attaching a hook. All in all, the challenge is going well, but I am counting the days. Here's the spread for the week:

This is a design that I saw online and wanted to try.

I wanted something funky and earth toned. I love how the handpainted yellow wood bead adds pop.

Tuesday brought this sorbet colored gemstone confection.

Wednesday was a long day for me. These simple monochrome drops were all I could muster.

This I <3 the 80's  spread in an old Lucky magazine was the inspiration for Thursday.

I love the bright colors, and the squares are made of an upcycled soda can.

I loved the Thursday's style so much, that I decided to do a reprise in purple tones.
I love the colors in this fashion spread in an old InStyle magazine.

These funky art deco earrings make me think of summer and are made of upcycled soda can.

So that's all for this week! Bring on week 3!

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