Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Playing with Paint

This past week has been all about putting paint to canvas. While I never thought I would call myself a painter, painting has quickly become a heart space for me. That said, before anything else, I'm a writer. So, the canvases that have been coming up are really meditations on the words and feelings that I am exploring right now. Here are a few completed pieces:

love love love, acrylic on 7 x 9.5 canvas

Hope Cards

Smile Cards
It is often said that you are what you eat. I believe that that applies to language as well. The language that we consume affects our day. I created these canvases to create positive energy. Each word became like a mantra for me as I painted it. There have been some tough days in the past few weeks, but working on these canvases helped remind me that I am loved, there's always hope, and a smile can change everything.

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