Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's Gem

It's another beautiful Friday morning. This Friday's gem is (drum roll please):


This man-made stone also goes by the name monk stone. It comes in brown, dark blue, and a very rare dark green color. I have to admit that I've chosen goldstone this week for slightly selfish reasons. A while back, when I first discovered the stone, I was told that it is a memory stone. It will hold the energy of anyone who touches it with intention. I don't often gravitate to goldstone, but this week, as I'm preparing to move away from a place that has become home, I have felt comfort when wearing my goldstone jewelry.

Goldstone has a tendency to stand out because it is so sparkly, so you may not find yourself using it a lot. It does, however, come in many interesting shapes and lots of different sizes. So when you do decide to get your sparkle on, or maybe create a memory peace for someone who is going away, give goldstone a try.

If you know and love goldstone, have tips on how to use it, or have a goldstone experience, please share it here.

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. I love gold"stone" in any color, as I love the subtle sparkle within. But many, many bead shops sell it as a real stone which it isn't, as you stated right. Most of then shops put it right after telling them, but it is sad, because they are responsible for labeling their items correctly, so people know what they buy.